Monday, July 18, 2011

Half Marathon

Wine Sponsor for Zoom Women's 10k/Half  (July 17) This weekend I worked a half marathon called Zooma Women's Half Marathon. The wine that I represent, sponsored the event.  After seeing hundreds of women of all ages successfully completing the race, I was inspired to get motivated and train once again for a running event.  Since 2002 I've done 5k and 10k races but the last time that I ran anything over 6 miles was in 2003 when I competed in an Iron man.  Now 32 and since then popped out a couple of kids,I know my training may be a little different for me but this will be so good for me.
Today I started my training with a morning session of yoga to get my muscles stretched for the week ahead.
Over the next 11 weeks I will add a mile each week to eventually complete 13.1 miles in the Denver Rock n Roll Half on October 9th.
I'll be following a training guide to get me to my running goals and I've posted it below "just in case" any of you would like to train with me!
I welcome all cheerleaders for motivation as I stretch myself mentally and physically.
Also, I met two incredible women at this race who not only are accomplished runners but mother's and they wrote a hysterical book that I picked up called "Run Like A Mother", if you're a mom you've got to pick this up.  I LOVE raw honesty and these women have it going on. Check them out at
 Training schedule below:


  1. Good for you...I'm not sure I could do a 3 mile run right now just to start with!!! Super excited for you, Robin - you're going to do awesome :)

  2. I am about to start my training for the Nashville Women's Half. I am only training 9 weeks so wish me luck! Love you!!!

  3. Thanks Thea! You'll be catching up with me soon