Monday, May 23, 2011

Aerobic Mirrors

Over the past month I've been going to Kettle Bell classes once or twice a week.  Just like in every aerobics classroom there is an enormous mirror that covers every wall and sometimes doors.  Who came up with the idea of putting a mirror on a wall to where women had no choice but to look at themselves exercise? I'd have to say a man did and this is why.
Men LOVE looking at themselves in the mirror to see their progress before,during and after their workouts and even when they aren't exercising so that's why I believe a man came up with the idea of putting up these mirrors. 
Every time I go to class I stand to the side while we are waiting for everyone to join us and I look to see how much thinner that I've gotten from the previous week. Then we start to workout and with every bend, pull and heave I make I am able to see every fat roll, my butt jiggle and even focus on if I look cute doing this move!
I really find these mirrors to be very distracting versus helpful in my form.  I know these self-contentious mirrors aren't going anywhere so I must learn to not look at myself in the mirror and only at the instructor. GOOD LUCK!!
May has been a wonderful experience of getting back to basic eating.  All of May I have eaten nothing but fruits, fresh veggies and protein shakes/bars and I feel great!  I've lost inches and even though I am STILL at 210 lbs and for the love of God don't know why, I am proud to say I am loosing inches.  After May I have decided to continue on with this eating plan but add fresh fish and chicken to my diet.  This journey is a journey even though I am ready for this journey to already be here and me look fabulous but I need to be realistic.  Well, here's to aerobic mirrors and fresh food for June, Cheers!!


  1. Keep up the great work Robin! Kettlebells is tough but definitely a great workout - and much more fun than the treadmill:) Not sure if you have access to spin classes but I love it! Really gets my heart rate up and isn't is bad on my knees as running (which I loathe):)

  2. Hi Robin! I don't know how, but I stumbled upon your blog through "clicks, clicks, clicks"...there you were! Nice job on making such a beautiful family. Also, continue your hard work on getting back to toned rump. It's hard work but it will happen! (You look great anyways) Remember Sexy Mommies can do anything we set our minds to: :) Mary Anne F.

  3. Mary Anne so good to hear from you! Thank you for your encouragement. Hard work is paying off but now I've hit a plateau in my inches so hopefully the lbs will start shedding.
    How are you guys doing?

  4. Don't get discouraged...a woman's body takes a while to heal plus your body is still naturally holding onto hormones which is holding on to the extra'll happen with time. Believe me, I know! We are good. Check out our blog,(if you click on our google ID, "The Faiths", you'll see the blog there to ck out. I'm going on my 4th year blogging!

  5. already discovered our blog. Just saw your comment. :) Keep it up girl!