Thursday, March 24, 2011

Breaking a Sweat While Getting Kicked Out Of the Gym Nursery

I love breaking a sweat when I workout.  It takes me back to when I was in dance and my instructors would say, "if you're not breaking a sweat, then you're not working hard enough." 

Day 4 and 5:
Workout #4: Ran .5 miles 
Workout #5: 30 min(s) on the Eliptical and Bikes

Today I broke a sweat but yesterday I did not.  The strangest thing happened to my ankle yesterday afternoon when I was walking back to the nursery, it popped!  I've never had a sprained ankle pop before but after it popped it felt amazing.  After that, I decided to try running again but wanted to be careful not to push the injury. 
Instead of walking to the mailbox I decided to run since it's a couple of blocks away. After finding the perfect song I started running, but sometimes I have these running days where I feel that there is a 400lb man holding on to my legs and I am dragging him from behind, that was yesterdays run.  So my workout yesterday wasn't good, I keep telling myself to ease back into this even though my personality is to dive into everything I do without holding back (sometimes this is good and often it bites me in the tail.)

This morning started a brand new day.  I loaded the kids in the car and off we went to the gym.  After getting them checked into daycare I hit the Eliptical machine to focus on my quads and rump.
While I am listening to Ditty by Paperboy, a gal comes to my station and asks if I am Olive's mom.  She proceeds to tell me that I can not bring a newborn into the daycare until she is 6 weeks old.  Here we are at 4 weeks and now she's telling me I am not able to come back with Olive for another 2 weeks, but tells me I can workout today.  Now, this is a blow to my workout. All I can think about is, how am I going to workout for the next 2 weeks. I stomp over to the bikes to blow off some steam and then after peddling my legs off and breaking an amazing sweat I then proceeded to go get the kids.
Gyms, are full of moms all day long.  Ever since being a mom I have had the hardest time finding a gym that has a daycare and now I'm being told not to come back for 2 weeks...ugh.
Over the next 2 weeks I will be praying for warm weather to run in and added hours to my day so when Steve gets home I can go to the gym without the kids.

Also in 2 weeks I will be posting a picture of my progress, which I will continue to do (this I am dreading) twice a month, as well begin circuit training (not excited).  Circuit training is the most effective workout for my body type because it tones me while loosing lbs and inches.  I'm not excited about this type of training because it's so intense but the results are worth it once I step on that scale and into my Buckle pre-pregnancy jeans.
Why wait 2 weeks to start circuit training? It will be 6 weeks after giving birth and want to make sure my body has healed completely before training intensely and these next 2 weeks will ease me back into a full workout routine.

Moms, if you maintained a workout routine your full 9 months or have never worked out before be encouraged and ease into what works for you.  Start walking for 30 min(s), 4 times a week.  Remember there is a beginning to everything, you just have to start somewhere.


  1. Robin, our rec center here wouldn't let Ceely(and other babies) in until she was 6 months. It was rough, but I bundled her up and took the jog stroller. I even tried to sit her in the car seat next to my treadmill, and they weren't having it. Maybe I can come down and keep the kids while you run.

  2. You go girl! Don't let even day care rules knock you down!