Monday, March 28, 2011

Romantic Workout

When you hear of a romantic workout you almost expect a pole to be involved and naughtiness.  Steve and I attended a marriage study last week where we learned that we need to desperately work on the friendship aspect of our marriage.  The leaders of the group suggested that we take a day out each week to make time for just each other.  So, I wanted to be proactive with this technique since I love spending time with Steve.  After calling an amazing friend that was willing to watch the kiddos, I surprised Steve with a date.  Colorado is known for it's mountains and trails, so I planned a date that involved both.  I've always loved hiking then trail running to the bottom and since this is an activity you can't do with an infant and toddler, I decided this would be the perfect date.  Colombine trail has 3 parts to it, a lower,mid and upper section.  The mid section consists of a 3 mile hike with steep switchbacks and only leveling to flat every now and then so this is the section that we did. Three miles of hiking that made me realize how weak my legs are.  Steve was very encouraging and patient all the way to the top.  We stopped to pose in front of the trail sign as a trophy of victory before running down.  Now, on our way down I thought I could hold going to the bathroom till we reached the bottom but found out quickly that only 5 weeks after having my daughter I could not completely control my bladder.  Every time one of my feet hit the trail I would uncontrollably pee on myself (how romantic is that)!  Steve found a tree for me and even after emptying my bladder, every jarring stride I took more pee came out.  Oh, let's not forget about my spitting abilities.  I go to spit some flem out, just to have the wind blow it back on me all over my shirt! So now I am covered in pee and spit (thank the Lord we are already married and this wasn't a first date because he probably would have never called me again.)

Needless to say, Saturday I not only got a great workout in but had a blast spending precious quality time with my hubby.

Day #5: Rested my body
Day #6: Hiked 3 miles/ Ran 3 miles
Day #7: Rested my very sore body



  1. LOL!!! OMG, this made me laugh :) Robin, thank you for your honesty. The Internet could use more of this :) Keep up the great work! If it helps, I'm on a horribly rigorous diet and have cheated every single day except for 2. Hehe :) Love you!

  2. Sounds like, all in all, it was a great day! You are an inspiration to many. Miss you and keep up the great work!