Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Get Knocked Down BUT I Get Up Again

Since last Thursday I have fallen off the workout horse due to working 4 days in a row with a 4 hour commute to Denver and then I caught the flu for 2 more days after that.  I started working out again yesterday with a new weigh-in and back on track.  My 5lb weight gain was due all too water weight, in which I gain every period so it made me feel much better hoping on that scale and seeing those 5 lbs gone. This week also begins a new series of workouts for me, kettle bell and circuit training.  I've never done kettle bell training before but have heard amazing reviews about how it helps tones and burn calories with an intense cardio workout.  
I absolutely love hearing your comments and response to my postings.  Write in this week and let me know your progress, what's working for you or if you need advice from other readers or myself with struggles you're having.
As much as you're here routing me on, I want to be here for you!

Weigh-in: 210lbs
Exercise: Biked 6 miles/Abs
Emotionally: Positive               



  1. I have been walking 30 minutes per day - one day I went for two 30 minute walks. What do you do for circuit training? Is there a program you follow? Am working on getting an elliptical as well.

  2. I LOVE THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG! Creative and spunky as always! xoxo

  3. Tracey that is great! Keep up the great work. Circuit training is when you do 5 rounds of different exercises then rest in between rounds, for instance. Set #1: 1 min of jump squats, 2 sets of 20 of pike sit ups, 2 sets of 20 push ups, 1 min of leg kicks.
    So you do all of these without stopping and then rest 5 min and do another set. Julianne Michaels is a major believer of circuit training and when I had Zeal I bought her workout routine for $50 and printed them off and kept them. It will kill you but it keeps your body from getting stagnant with the same routine so it burns more calories and fat. Even if you can't do a min of jump squats you work up to it.
    Start adding some light jogging in your walks!
    Love ya and you're doing great!